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New Products | Cheese Lobster Flavor Seasoning

Release time: 2020-08-12

  Cheese lobster is one of the delicacies of Hong Kong. It has a rich milky flavour and the deliciousness of the lobster, which makes the mouth and teeth fragrant and has a long aftertaste, which is well received by the public.

  Lobster is a kind of high nutritional value, its taste is also extremely delicious. Because it generally grows in the deep sea, the fishing cost is high, and the breeding time is long, resulting in its high price. It is an expensive and rare food material. Moreover, the preparation process before cooking is very cumbersome, requiring a series of operations such as removing the shrimp thread, taking the shrimp gills, and cutting the shrimp (cutting with a knife will cause the loss of the shrimp in the shrimp head), so the time cost of making one time will be very high.

  Derived from the continuous pursuit of food, we developed this unique cheese lobster flavored seasoning. This cheese lobster flavor seasoning is orange-yellow powder, with a strong flavor and delicious flavor. It can be used after stirring and boiling. It is very convenient and allows you to taste authentic cheese without tedious processing steps. Lobster flavor food.


1. Pick up the noodles after cooking;

2. Add an appropriate amount of cooked cheese and lobster flavor sauce, mix well, seasoning: warm water about 1:3;

3. Add appropriate amount of edible oil, vegetables and meat, etc., and you can eat it.