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Product introduction: rich meaty flavor, full fleshy, long-lasting fragrance

Application range: used for meatballs, dry pot, barbecue, hot pot, spicy snacks, etc.

Adding ratio: 0.08-0.5%

Product specifications: 500g×20 bottles/box

Product application: Spicy stir-fried cauliflower

Product used: Piaoxiangwang


Cauliflower 350g pork belly slices 50g ginger garlic 15g

Spicy Sauce 40g Water 40g Piaoxiangwang 4g (1% of the sauce)


1. Blanch the cauliflower with salt and sugar, remove and drain.

2. Sauté ginger garlic and pork belly with oil, add cauliflower and stir fry.

3. After sautéing, add spicy sauce, Piaoxiangwang and water, and stir fry quickly over high heat.

Finally, give a little gorgon juice, collect the juice and then serve it on the plate.