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Mixed with vegetables

Mixed with vegetables

Ingredients: vegetable oil, food spice, chili red allergen information: containing sesame oil and soybean products

Product introduction: red oil-soluble liquid with spicy garlic flavor, lifelike aroma, rich, long-lasting fragrance

Application range: used for cold dishes, dry pot, barbecue, hot pot, spicy snacks, etc.

Adding ratio: 0.2-3%

Packing specification: 500g×20 bottles

Product application: cold chicken shreds


300g chicken breast, 30g shredded onion, 30g shredded cucumber, a little parsley, 10g minced garlic

Cold sauce 45g, sesame oil 10g, vegetable fragrant 3g (1% of meat)


1. Soak the chicken breast in clear broth, remove it after soaking, and put it in ice water to cool, and then remove the shreds after cooling.

2. Put the cucumber shreds and onion shreds in the tableware, then spread the chicken shreds, and pour the cold sauce.

3. After mixing the sesame oil and vegetable fragrant, pour on the shredded chicken, add coriander and garlic.